Entering into the wedding business there were a few things that really enticed me into the great big world of weddings and irresistibly, made me fall in love with the process of wedding planning.

Firstly, LOVE. What better thing in life is there than love? Being constantly surrounded by love and the concept of it, is simply the best feeling in the world. The overwhelming warmth and positive energy that surrounds a room when you are in the presence of love is truly remarkable.

Secondly, wedding planning allows for a sophisticated creativity. Being able to provide a design perspective that is thoughtful, stylized and is truly all about the couple is extremely rewarding.  Putting a creative flare and turning a couple’s vision into reality is something we strive for and pride ourselves on. Wedding planning really is the business of making your dreams come true.

Lastly, the satisfaction of handling such a pivotal moment in a couple’s life.  Being involved in such a large scale event and knowing that you provided peace of mind on such an important day, makes wedding planning a passion, not a profession.

Being able to sail a couple off into happily ever after is truly special and wedding planners can surely take some praise for that beautiful wonder.